Hydrapanel is the result of over 20 years work in designing and building innovative water resistant building products.


Our search for new materials and better building ways has resulted in a series of products, the latest being Hydrapanel.


We have and are continuously developing new panel and flooring systems that not only perform better than traditional systems but are quicker, better for the environment and more cost effective.


Keep an eye out for nerw product updates, we welcome you to better building



Exclusive Distribution

In order to deliver the best we have teamed up with the best .....


Bunnings are the exclusive distributor of Hydrapanel in New Zealand.


Get hold of your Trade Rep or ask for it instore


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Trade Innnovations

Marketing Genius

We are proud to be a founding member of the Trade Innovations Group.


As the name suggests its all about innovative products and the companies that make them.


Together we are better .....


with these the options; why would you use anything else ?




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