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Hydrapanel with a tile pattern

HYDRATILE is a new revolution in wall tiling systems


Using the Flushfit jointer, tiling has just become as easy as tying your shoelaces


Traditionally a job for the experts, Hydratile is simple to install, requires no cement or grout and can be fitted directly to walls 


Hydratile requires no cement, you simply glue the panels to the wall surface, insert the flushfit jointer and add the next sheet in series


FAST LARGE FORMAT is what Hydratile is all about


The sheets are CNC routed standard with a 600 x 300 and an offset 300 x100 subway tile pattern with a 2mm grout line that contrasts against the laminate


Tiles are prefinished in High Pressure Laminate and can be produced to custom requirements from a comprehensive High Pressure Laminate selection. ( MOQ and conditions apply for custom panels )


Sheet size 2400 x 1200 x 7.6mm -


Tile pattern 600 x 300  SKU 8906752

Subway Tile pattern 300 x 100  SKU 8911282



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