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 pre-finished wall and ceiling panels in a range of finishes

Hydrawall is an extension of Hydrapanel designed as a pre-finished wall panel system


Panels are finished in a decorative High Pressure Laminate finish and are produced to order


The Hydrawall panels are fixed to framing with the Flushfit jointer and corresponding panel groove.


This allows for the panels to be butt-joined with a slim PVC joint and used an alternative to traditional plaster wall systems


One of the biggest costs in building is time ..... time on site / time arranging trades / time fixing defects


Hydrawall saves in time, trades and remedials


When the wall is installed it is finished ... its is strong and durable and quicker to install and finish than standard drywall.


Hydrawall is currently only manufactured to order 


Designer patterns can be chosen from the Monco High Pressure Laminate collection at the attached link -


As this is a designer service please allow 12 -14 weeks from order confimation for delivery


Hydrapanel can be installed with the concealed H jointer system on request


Please contact us or your local Bunnings Trade Rep for pricing and availability.

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