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By combining passion, experience and innovation in design, Hydrapanel delivers un-paralled versatility with the latest developments in high performance panel systems​



Hydrapanel is a non-structural wall and ceiling panel lining that is impervious to moisture and resistance to water, steam, abrasion and typical cleaning materials.

Intended primarily for use in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Intended also for use in food preparation areas, where the code and health regulations require an impervious surface that will withstand water and chemicals, that is easily maintained and cleaned and are capable of withstanding high use hygienic cleaning.


The panels are also to be used as a decorative pre-finished lining that can withstand high use and require low maintenance


The panels can be fixed to timber and steel framing, used to cover block work, cover old tired walls just to name a few ideas


Hydrawood Lining systems consist of a range of pre-finished high-pressure decorative laminate panels and jointing accessories.

Standard finish is white with gloss one side and a matt finish on the other, other colours and patterns can be made on request. POA


Hydrawood lining systems are suitable for use in wet and dry areas, that require an impervious surface that is sealed and easy to clean and maintain.

Hydrawood lining systems are also suitable for areas that require protection from dirt and germs and can also be used in areas that require strict hygiene, such as food processing and preparation areas


Hydrawood Lining is a magnesium fireproof board, laminated face and back with High Pressure Laminate as a sandwich construction. 


Hydrapanel is easy to install.  It comes complete with a fashionable range of aluminium moldings and can be installed directly to framing, fitted onto existing linings and be butt joined and sealed.  It does not require painting or grouting. 

A wide range of uses

The surface is produced in a non-pourus finish, making this the ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens of all types.

Hydrapanel is lined with High Pressure Laminates, making it suitable for use in environments where children spend significant periods of time, including schools, daycares and healthcare facilities.

Hydrapanel is not subject to a warning or ban under section 26 of the Building Act.  


For overseas manufacturer details, where applicable, please refer to contact information page.

Example of Use

Commercial and Residential applications 
  • Pre finished wall and ceiling panels

  • Bathrooms 

  • Showers

  • Laundries 

  • Toilet 

  • Kitchens 

  • Kitchen Splashbacks

  • Utility Rooms 

  • Garages 

  • Retail fit outs

  • Cabinetry panels

  • Sliding doors 

  • Display Panels 

  • Shop Linings 

  • Food preparation 

  • Restaurants 

  • Commercial kitchens 

  • Industrial and public showers and wet areas

  • Fast food and service areas in Hotels 


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